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Our Clients

When the "big day" arrives and goes our job is over. So its always nice to receive a thank you and a photograph of the wedding.

Here are just a few of our clients on their wedding day.

Mr & Mrs Lea & Maids
Mrs Dermody & Maids



Mr & Mrs Knott
Mrs Jenna Halton Heidi & Ruby Mrs Lisa Wokenforth
Mrs Kirsty Thomas and Maids
Mrs Pamela Meadows and Maids
Mr and Mrs Nolan & Maids
Kate Webster
Maz & Karl Ryan Richard & Hannah Dean
Sharyn & Paul Gavin Lucy Knowles
Tracey Greenhalgh Joanne Schultz
Jennifer & David Cater Angie Walters
Michelle White and Maids Mrs Michelle White
Mrs Helen Daff Yvette Langley
Christine Dempsey and Maids
Mr and Mrs Hale
Mr and Mrs Brough
Mr and Mrs Bell Mrs Coleen Dawson
Mr and Mrs Fowlds  
Mr and Mrs Prescott